Glen-Merritt Collision

Glen-Merritt Collision's Commitment

For protection and safety the structural integrity of each vehicle must be guaranteed. In fact, following an accident, today's vehicles must be reconstructed, not just repaired, to ensure that the safety of the occupants in the event of a future collision. Glen-Merritt Collision invests hundreds of thousands of dollars on the latest hi-tech equipment to return vehicles to “as new”, pre-damage condition. Quality control inspections and a test drive confirm that repairs have been completed successfully. Each vehicle is then cleaned and detailed inside and out, to look good as new.

Today's vehicles require certified technicians to rebuild them following a collision. To stay current with fast changing vehicle repair methods, our technicians participate in ongoing training and certification. Glen-Merritt Collision is also a founding member of CSN [Collision Solutions Network], provider of a quality assurance national warranty for repairs performed by collision repair centres with a CSN designation.

Glen-Merritt Warranties

Glen-Merritt Collision guarantees that the collision repairs performed by our technicians will out last the undamaged areas of your car or we will repair it free.

The Glen-Merritt Collision Life Time Guarantee is offered to the registered owner of the vehicle at the time that the repairs are performed. It is not transferable. All parts, new and recycled are subject to the manufacturer's warranty without any additional or extended warranty being implied.

Damage or deterioration due to unreasonable use or poor care and maintenance of the vehicle is not covered. This guarantee is void if repairs are altered, adjusted or repaired by anyone other than Glen-Merritt Collision Staff.

Rust repairs (as opposed to collision repairs) are guaranteed for 12 months.

The Glen-Merritt Collision Lifetime Guarantee is limited to materials and labour only and offers no further liability.