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Why choose an Aluminum Specialist for your Car Repairs?

Aluminum Car Body Repair Technician working

Car accident repairs can be very costly, even when the accident itself isn’t very serious. Since the repairs on your vehicle can have a serious impact on its integrity and your safety, it pays to leave the care of your repairs to true professionals, especially in the case of aluminum repairs.

As more vehicles begin incorporating aluminum as an integral part of their body, such as the Ford F150, it has become more important than ever to find the right body shop, one with real aluminum expertise. Not all car bodies are created equal, and in the case of those made of aluminum, there are several reasons why it’s especially important to secure the services of experts, like the technicians at Glen-Merritt Collision Repair, in Welland.

  • Why is there such a difference? The use of aluminum in vehicle is relatively new, and while many shops are equipped and trained to handle the more old-fashioned steel-made vehicles, few as yet possess the know-how, or the proper tools, for the task.
  • Aluminum and steel do not respond the same way to heat. Welding aluminum properly requires the touch of a well-trained and equipped technician. Heat spreads through aluminum much more quickly, and much farther, than in steel, which can negatively affect the overall strength of your metal. Only a specialist can make sure that the welding process does not weaken your structure.
  • Aluminum is more difficult to manipulate than steel. One of the advantages of steel is its flexibility. It’s easy to manipulate or bang it back into shape. Fixing a bend or dented piece of aluminum is a much more difficult process, requiring specialized knowledge and tools.
  • Aluminum and steel are not good neighbors. In fact, they are actually dangerous to one another. Even the tiniest fleck of one on the other will have a corrosive touch, damaging and weakening the structure. It’s important for a technician to have separate sets of tools. The body shop also needs to have dedicated bays for each type of metal, to avoid any serious issues.

Trust our certified aluminum specialists

If you choose a vehicle built with aluminum, chances are you’re doing so because you want to get the most out of your vehicle in terms of efficiency and performance. It’s only normal that you would want the same out of your car repair shop. Just like you would choose the best medical specialist for your own body, choose the best aluminum repair specialist for your vehicle. The certified technicians at Glen-Merritt are the experts in car accident repair in Welland. Visit their website, or call for more information. They’ll treat you-and your vehicle-right!

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